The Gamernomicon

My girlfriend and I stepped out to get a burrito from Chipotle when she got home from school, and she could tell something was on my mind.

Even after submitting my application to a college and e-mailing a game design portfolio to the evaluator, I still felt like there was something I needed to be doing when I got home from work yesterday. This whole college situation has me feeling pretty restless because there’s so much riding on getting into a reputable school. And there’s only one around here that offers a game design program.

“Stop feeling this way,” I told myself, “This is a waste of time!”

I recalled a conversation I had with a friend at work. For two days, I hardly ate anything. People at work told me that it was probably stress, and my girlfriend echoed the idea. “You can’t stress about this or try to rationalize what-ifs,” the friend explained, “The answers are blowing in the wind.”

So I made up my mind last night to assign myself some homework to take my mind off things, and to advance toward my degree even before classes (potentially) start!

I sat down and organized The Gamernomicon, what I call the book that houses my games, by those I have and have not completed. My goal is to complete every game in that book while documenting what worked, what didn’t, and what I would have done differently in each. First-up? The Last Story!

Between gaming sessions, I’ll be reading through A Theory of Fun for Game Design as recommended in a great post about game design portfolios by industry veteran Brenda Brathwaite, and getting my chops up in Blender.