Classifying the Gamer

I stopped over at last night to see if a date had been set for the upcoming Miiverse-focused Nintendo Direct and found myself reading through the comments – always a treat.

That’s where I came across the term “Bro Gamer”. I thought I’d heard all of the seemingly countless classifications gamers apparently fall into, but this one was new to me.

So a quick google search lead me to Urban Dictionary.

The “Bro Gamer” is the player who is only interested in the latest Call of Duty or similar shooter, is fiercely loyal to (and only owns) Xbox 360, has an aversion to any game that isn’t a photorealistic powerhouse, and who claims to have had numerous intimate encounters with your mother.

People were quick to denounce the branded commenter, puffing out their chests, proudly proclaiming that they are “real gamers” who defy classification, and implying that they are above all others.

I don’t have to do much research to learn what a “real gamer” is. Based on the example conversations with a “Bro Gamer” on Urban Dictionary and the comments in the Wii U article, it’s not a stretch to assume that self-proclaimed “real gamers” are just snobs; they’re the same calibur of snob you’ll find in interest areas such as music, movies or books.

Some people prefer shooters.

Some people don’t care for racing games.

We all have different tastes and opinions, and none of them make us better or more enlightened than anyone else.


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